Important: The Global Enterprise Challenge (GEC) will not be running in 2017.

The 2015 Challenge

Your challenge is to:

design an innovative exhibit, to inform communities, government and the media about the ways light affects our lives

This exhibit could be a trade display, website, travelling education experience or similar and could include a working model, smart phone apps, social media, print, or other material illustrating a new technique or approach and should be appropriate to your region.

Your product, process, or service should feature light as a primary resource and deliver benefit in one or more of the following areas: education, health, community, home, leisure, entertainment or business.

Your response may include new and creative ways to capture or generate light.

  1. You will have 3 minutes on video to showcase your ideas.

  2. In addition you need to submit a 2 page A4 Business Plan which will include your marketing strategy and a detailed financial plan showing how much funding you require:
    1. to develop the idea
    2. to cover the cost of maintaining and operating the exhibit for 12 months
    3. how you will source the funds necessary to cover the costs, and
    4. how many people you will employ and in what capacity.